These are some of the quilts that have NOT been made from Pieceful Stitches Designs
patterns.  They're either my own designs that I haven't published yet, or quilts made using
other's patterns (as noted).
    This is my Blue Tiles quilt, a stack-n-whack
    technique. I got a little overenthusiastic with my
    cutting, and this is the second wall hanging I
    got from the blocks I cut.
    I decided to learn another hobby (which everyone
    agrees I need like a hole in the head), Brazilian

    I finished the beginner sampler but I knew I'd
    never use a pillow, which is what it was designed
    to be. And silly me, instead of choosing a design
    that used nine blocks, I decided to go ahead and
    make four more so that I could set it this way.

    It's pieced, but not quilted. Hopefully before my
    daughter starts high school (she's four now)....
    This is one HEAVY quilt. In fact, it's so heavy
    my husband can't sleep under it. It's my
    Millennium of Stars, since it started as a Y2K
    swap. It's a large queen, almost a king size. I
    actually finished it in 2002, not too bad for me.

    You can just see my little girl (being wild, and
    wearing just a diaper--she's 2 in this picture) in
    the top right corner. I have lots of pictures of
    her rolling around on my quilts as I try to take
    pictures of them. She thinks SHE should be in
    every picture. ;-)
    This is a design I've been working on I'm calling
    King's Crown. Must come up with a better title.
    The border color placements are not what I'm
    going to end up with, but this was an early test.
    I taught a "flip and sew posies" class at a
    quilt shop, and this is the finished quilt. I
    started it in early 2002 and managed to
    finish it in 2004.

    It sat around unquilted for about a year
    and a half, and it's nice to finally have it
    I'm quite proud of this one. I made this for my
    Dad, who is almost impossible to buy gifts for.

    The technique and inspiration are from Robbi Joy
    Eklow, who has an incredibly inspiring gallery
    here: but
    the pattern itself is my original design.

    My Dad is a semi-professional trombone player,
    and he hung this so that not only could they
    enjoy it in the music room (he has a grand player
    piano!!) but it can also been seen from the street.
    This is a quilt  I managed to finish fairly quickly.. I
    started this in August and finished it in November of

    It's a variation on quilts from the book Winding Ways
    Quilts, A Practically Pinless Approach by Nancy Elliot
    MacDonald. It's a great book!!

    Visit her web site here:
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