These are some of the quilts that have NOT been made from Pieceful Stitches Designs
patterns.  They're either my own designs that I haven't published yet, or quilts made using
other's patterns (as noted).
    This was my fourth quilt, and I'm very
    proud of it. It got a first-place ribbon at
    the Del Mar Fair in 1999. The Del Mar
    Fair, now called the San Diego County
    Fair, is the third largest in the country.

    The pattern is from Cheri Saffiote and
    Indygo Junction is called Posie Patch. It's
    VERY different from the way it looks
    here, but all I did was change the
    borders. Apparently the pattern has
    been discontinued, but you might be
    able to find it at your local quilt store.
    This is a pattern I'm working on called Sister's
    Star. I'm not sure I'll have the option of
    embroidery in the corners or not, as well as some
    other size variations. Hopefully coming soon...
    This is one of the first quilts I quilted when I got
    a Gammill long arm quilting machine. It was
    inspired by a magazine picture, but I'm
    ashamed to say I don't remember what
    magazine or who the author was.

    I wish I'd used the white thread doubled, as it's
    hard to see the steam rising from the cups
    unless you're fairly close to the quilt.
    This is a quilt inspired by the book Cutting Curves
    from Straight Pieces by Debbie Bowles. I LOVE
    that book!! The flag in the lower right corner is a
    This quilt was made from the leftovers from the
    flag quilt above, so I call if "Leftovers." I had a
    really good time with both of these quilts.

    This is a free pattern I gave out at the Utah Quilt
    Guild annual meeting in September of 2002. The
    words are fabric pen. I hope to get the pattern up
    on the free page in the next while.
    This is one of my early quilts, adapted from a
    tablecloth pattern in More Quick Rotary Cutter
    Quilts (For the Love of Quilting) by Pam Bono

    The ribbons are from the Clark County Fair
    (Las Vegas).
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